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Functional Changes


 Previous Functionality

 Current Functionality

Campus Pack  

Campus Pack permission defaults for Viewer and Author roles were set to "Everyone" in Courses and Organizations (Blogs, Journals, Wikis).

When creating a Campus Pack blog, journal or wiki in an Organization site, click on Permissions to select Viewer and Author users. The default is: no one; so you will need to use the Add Viewers area to select users for each role.
When using Campus Pack in a Course site, the Viewer and Author default is: everyone; thus you will need to make changes if you are restricting user roles.

Organizations = No one
Courses = Everyone

 Content Area

 Content Item Not Displaying Properly

 Do not cut and paste directly from Word or from the web into Blackboard. Use a text editor such as notepad or wordpad to remove formatting. To do this, copy the text from Word into notepad or wordpad and then copy from there and paste into Blackboard visual text editor.

 Content Area

Inconsistent Font Formatting Problems in Bb Text Boxes - Sometimes, when text is copied from MS Word into a Bb text box, e.g., a content item, it may have uneven formatting. For instance, paragraph text or spacing may be at different sizes and difficult to reformat.


This is because the text from MS Word contains hidden formatting code that often conflicts with Bb. (While this also happened with the previous version of Bb, it seems to be occurring more frequently in Bb9.)




There are a couple of solutions to controlling the text format.

The simplest solution is to copy your text from Word into a plain text editor such as NotePad (in Windows) or TextEdit (in Mac) to remove formatting. Then, paste this into the Bb text box and format it with the Bb formatting tools, such as bold, italics, and bullets, seen in image below.

If extra html/formatting code is not properly removed, it may prevent remaining text and/or content items on the page from appearing.

Format edits can also be made by clicking on <> in the visual text box editor (VTBE) box. The html codes are revealed between the < > symbols.

Respondus Test

Uploading tests or study exercises using Respondus or Studymate returns an error.

The automatic log in link between Respondus and Blackboard has changed, and needs to be updated on your computer (each computer you use for Respondus or Studymate). The process is very quick and simple. Please open Respondus and follow along with this video:

Turning Point Clickers

Login returns error.

Faculty: There is a one-time change in login information for Turning Point users.

Process: Open up the TurningPoint application and go to Tools in the top menu bar > Integrations.

Change the server name to: and click Next.

Enter your Username, Password, and click Next.

If you are using the newest version of TurningPoint (version you will be prompted to log into Blackboard. Enter your Users, Password and make sure to scroll down the Blackboard page to click the Login button. Once you are logged into Blackboard, with the small window, click Next..


Safe Assign

Direct Submit of student assignment shows security question prompt, in Internet Explorer

The recommended browser for Safe Assign with Direct Submit is Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer and SafeAssign Direct Submit to attach a file for review you will be prompted to answer the security question before you can have access to the SafeAssign webpage. The Security Warning asks you to click Yes or No to view the information. Click No to view the information.

Content Areas

External links show security question prompt, in Internet Explorer.


Recommend using Firefox or another browser.

Internet Explorer’s built in security protection and the security on the Blackboard system does not allow external links to open in the current window without a security warning. To avoid this there are two options:

1) right click on the link and choose “Open in New Tab” or “Open in a New Window.”

2) Use Shift + Click to open in a new window, or Control + Click to open in a new tab.

3) change the setting to open in an external window. For the link, click the “chevrons” or “double arrows” and select Edit. Relink the URL and select the option to open in a new window (you may not always need to relink the URL, just change the option to open in a new window). This takes more time for an instructor, but prevents confusion for students now, and in future semesters.


Reported Issues


Known Issue



Blackboard Blogs

An issue has been discovered with the grading feature in Blackboard Blogs that does not directly affect pedagogy or instruction but is important to resolve outside of the active course environment. Due to this issue, we are proactively removing Blackboard Blogs on Wednesday, September 7th until Blackboard provides a solution.

Note that there are two types of Blogs in Blackboard, and this DOES NOT affect the Campus Pack Blogs. If you are using Blackboard Blogs in your course site or if you are unsure what type of blog you are using, please contact UND Tech Support and request to speak to an Instructional Designer. They are available to assist you in converting to another tool with minimal if any disruption to your ability to offer the blogging feature in your course.


Discussion Board

Discussion Board displays Overlapping Threads.

There are two workarounds for this Reported Issue. They are:

1) Enter the forum, click on the box in the heading to check all the boxes, then click the Collect button. You can then filter and change the sort order.


Blogs & Wikis (Campus Pack)

When recycling Campus Pack blogs and wiki the "Latest Activities" list does not recycle. If copying a wiki from one course to another this could be a FERPA issue as the list displays names of students not enrolled in the course.


Yes -  Campus Pack 4.4 upgrade

Blogs & Wikis (Blackboard)

Tables in Blackboard Wikis are Not Editable

Table contents for tables created within Wikis are not editable in the visual text editor.

Use a simple sign-up list in a Blackboard wiki instead of a table. We have reported this issue to Blackboard, but workarounds are necessary for now.

Tables in Campus Pack Wikis do work for student group work or sign up sheets.


Blogs & Wikis (Campus Pack)

Paste from Word icon does not work in Internet Explorer.  When you edit a Campus Pack wiki/blog or create a new entry and select the "Paste from Word" icon in the text box editor it will bring up a Paste From Word window, but Internet Explorer will not allow you to click inside the window to paste.


Use a different browser (i.e., Firefox)


Content Area

Unable to Open a File or Content Item

Blackboard known issue.

Pending - Service Pack 4

Discussion Boards

Unable to Save as Draft - If the discussion board has been set to be graded by the instructor, then the board will give an error if a student attempts to save a draft before submitting a post. 

This is a known Blackboard issue. The workaround is to compose the draft in a text editing program, then copy and paste to the discussion board in Bb when it is ready to be posted.


Discussion Boards

No Email to Subscribed Users - If you save a discussion board post as a draft first and then publish, it will not automatically send the email to subscribed users.

Instead of saving as a draft, use a text editing program to compose your draft and then copy and paste the text into the visual text editor when ready to submit.


Discussion Boards (Groups)

Students Cannot Create New Forums - Students see a "Create Forum" button when they view their group discussion area, but when they click the button, they see an error message that tells them to contact the System Administrator.

This is a known Blackboard issue. Instructors must create the forums for each group discussion.


 Grade Center

Red Bar Access Denied Error when attempting to grade assignment in a column created manually in Grade Center

Grading a column that you created manually in Blackboard will give you an Access Denied error (red bar) if the category for that column is set to the default “No Category.” Change the category to another type, such as assignment, homework, etc. You will then be able to enter a score in the student cell. NOTE: If you are using categories for weighted grades or other filtering functions, be mindful of the category name you select when changing the default “No Category.” You might wish to create a new category that is appropriate for your course.

 Pending - Service Pack 6

Grade Center

Student assignment is finished but shows "In Progress" icon, and will not allow instructor to grade it.

Known Blackboard issue. Here is the workaround:

1) In the Grade Center locate one of the submissions stuck "In Progress"

2) Hover your mouse over the cell showing the "In Progress" icon and click on the chevron in the cell to bring up the dropdown menu, then click on View Grade Details.

3) You will now be at the Grade Details screen. On the lower right click on Edit Grade. in that column. It is below View Attempts and Clear Attempts.

4) You will see the bottom half of the screen has changed. Look for the bold text Current Grade Value with a flashing cursor in a small text box above the large boxes. Enter a numeric grade in the small box; this grade can be changed later. The important part is that by entering this grade you will now find the attempt is no longer marked as "In Progress." Click Save

5) On the Grade Details page, now click View Attempt. You will now be able to grade the individual attempt normally rather than encountering an error when you attempt to interact with it. The attempt will accurately display questions for which the student had submitted answers before the test attempt was interrupted, and will show any questions which the student did not get to (or which the server has no record of) as "Not Attempted." You will also be able to clear this attempt so the student can try again if you so desire, which may or may not have been possible before depending on the exact symptoms encountered.


Grade Center

Grade Center not displaying correctly

Check your browser display settings.  If the window display setting is set to 125%  or 150%, it will cause part of the Grade Center to flow off of the screen.


Grade Center

Scroll bar doesn’t appear in GradeCenter when using Internet Explorer 8. 

Use Firefox or another Web browser


Navigation Menu

Occasional Disappearing Menu items - Inconsistent course menu behavior where links on the menu will simply disappear and reappear.


This is a known Blackboard issue. A workaround is clicking the refresh button in the course menu or switching to folder view (at the top of the menu box).


Potential Issues


Potential Issue


 Blogs & Wikis (Campus Pack)

Groups or individuals not showing up under Permissions

 Click on Course Tools<Manage Campus Pack and then Synchronize the course. It may take a few minutes. Go back to Permissions and the group should now be listed.

Blogs, Wikis, and/or Discussion Boards

Word wrap not working in Blogs, Wikis, or Discussion boards - There may be a post with extra code or an image that is too large.

If using Internet Explorer 8, try using Compatibility Mode.

If there is an image, resize it following the directions provided in the following PDF files.

Adding Images to Campus Pack Blogs

Adding Images to Blackboard Blogs

Do not copy and paste directly from Word or from the web. Instead paste the text using the "Paste from Word" icon, or paste into notepad or wordpad to remove any formatting and then copy/paste into Blackboard.

Grade Center

 Instructor comments to students on their assignments disappear after clicking Save.

 Check that the computer has the most recent version of Java. Go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on Java.

Last Modified 1/8/15