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Alvin E. Austin Legacy Awards


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In recognition of professional accomplishments for community benefit

When done right, a student-teacher relationship can inspire an individual for a lifetime. Alvin Austin, a member of the UND journalism faculty who died in 1999, was that kind of teacher during his 34 years at the University of North Dakota.

In recognition of that impact, the Alvin E. Austin Legacy Awards are presented at a ceremony at the UND Center for Community Engagement during Homecoming. The awards are presented to outstanding students and colleagues of Austin in recognition of their professional accomplishments for community benefit.

The idea for the awards came from Archie Hill, former UND colleague and long-time friend of Al and his wife, Ellen Austin. Ellen recalled that when her husband died, The Forum in Fargo ran an editorial about the legacy he left behind in the accomplishments of his students across North Dakota and the nation. "The recipients of the award show that The Forum was right," she said.