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Cultural Heritage Panel I

Paul Worley (Moderator) is an assistant professor of Spanish at UND. He completed his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill and defended his dissertation entitled “Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Mexican and Yukatek Maya Literatures." His academic specialization is in contemporary Latin American literatures and cultures, with research interests being indigenous rights movements in Latin America, Postcolonial Theory, and Subaltern Studies.

LarrieWanberg has been appointed by President Kelly as the UND “Ambassador to the Community Connect” program at the Center for Community Engagement. He researched American Indian values on N.D. reservations in the 1970’s and was one of three principal grant writers of the UND INMED program. As a retired professor, he independently researched outmigration of youth in ten rural ND towns over the past ten years. He participated in the Center’s “Asset Mapping” research in Drayton in 2008 and again in the “Heritage Story Mapping” project in 2009. He became the patriarch in the U.S. of the Wanberg family-name that has roots in the ancestral farm in Nordfjord, Norway

Phillip "Skip" Longie is the Director of the Indian Studies Program at Cankdeska Cikana Community College and the Director of Home and Community Based Services. Skip’s early education included the Flandreau Indian School, Flandreau, S.D. He worked in Chicago and returned in 1967 as Finance Director for the Spirit Lake Nation. Skip attended NDSU and received a B.A. in accounting in 1988. He served as Chairman of the Spirit Lake Nation between 1999 and 2003. Skip has a strong commitment to tribal sovereignty and maintenance of the Dakota language and culture.

Eunice Davidson   is a full-blood enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Tribe.  She has traced her ancestry back to the early 1800's with official government documents.  Eunice grew up on a small farm on the Spirit Lake Reservation and attended schools in Fort Totten.  She has seen many changes in the last 50 years.  For the past two and a half years Eunice has been the Director/Curator for the Lake Region Heritage Center.  She has a passion for family history.

James Schiele was the Lake Region Heritage Center Museum Director from 1994 to 2007 and currently serves as a Rural Mail Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. James was born in Devils Lake and grew up on a farm 25 miles northeast of Devils Lake. James attended a one-room schoolhouse, graduated from Saint Mary's High School in Devils Lake, and attended Lake Region State College for one year before starting farming along with his wife LuAnn until 1984. James spent much time as a child listening to his parents, who were Germans from Russia.