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Developing Community Opportunities

How can your community leverage assets and resources as a development strategy? Where can you tap expertise and what sources of funds might be available for comunity projects? 

Jason Jensen ( is an associate professor and director of the Master of Public Administration Program. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and has been at UND since 1999. Dr. Jensen has been instrumental in developing a new graduate certificate program in social entrepreneurship at UND.

Eric Icard ( is currently the Senior Business Development Officer at the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation. Prior to joining the Grand Forks Region EDC, he was with the North Dakota Department of Commerce for over four years and held positions with the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of North Dakota and an M.S. in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Lori Young ( is a UND graduate student studying geography who grew up in Bowesmont, N.D. (on Highway I-29 just east of Mountain). Following the flood of 1997, Bowesmont was abandoned. All that remains is a church and annual alumni reunion.

Gregory Gagnon ( teaches in the Indian Studies Department at UND and is the editor of the Community Connect Journal of Civic Voices. He is a Bad River Band Chippewa, married, has three adult offspring, and eleven grandchildren. His book Sioux Customs and Culture is due for release in May, his co-written Native American Studies: An Introductory Text will be released in August and a book on Pine Ridge Reservation is scheduled for a January 2012 release. Greg is a continuing consultant to several tribal colleges.

Pat Downs ( is aCooperative Development Specialistwith the Rural Electric and Telecommunications Development Center of the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives. He is a UND graduate who worked at UND for 6.5 years during the 1980s.

Diana Hoverson ( feels that you really can go home again. After growing up in Manvel with a heritage that started in 1893, she wanted to leave something to the town she loved, in memory of my family. Her goal was to help Manvel live up to its potential and be the best it can be. After growing up in Manvel, her family moved to Seattle, where she started several successful businesses. I now live in Phoenix, Ariz. Diana has lived her life always excited about new challenges, and determined to succeed.