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Networked Government Session

Featured mayors from around the region, this panel guided a discussion of how intercommunity relations can help towns of any size create efficiencies and share best practices.

Moderator - Blake Crosby, N.D. League of Cities
Deb Myrfield, Warren, Minn.
Richard Comer, Sheyenne, N.D.
Dan Henneman, Emerado N.D.
Ed Pawlikowski, Lakota, N.D.
Paul Clay, Hallock, Minn.
Russ McDonald, Spirit Lake Tribe, N.D.
Michael Brown, Grand Forks, N.D.
Dana Harsell, UND Political Science & Public Administration

To listen to the audio recording of the Networked Government session, please click below:


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Marcia Mikulak, UND Anthropology and Jan Moen, Bemidji State University listen attentively Dr. Lana Rakow, Director, Center for Community Engagement smiles gracefully at the camera Dana Harsell Muriel Kingery