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Building Community through Volunteerism

Dear Neighbor,

A collaborative effort has begun among a group of area agencies and organizations to bring our community together into one big neighborhood. We would like your help.

Do you remember when residents of a neighborhood were truly connected?  There was a time when people knew the needs of others in their neighborhood and lent a hand. Anything from mowing a lawn to reroofing a house was accomplished through a neighborhood network of residents. People knew what was going on in the lives of those around them and came to their assistance when it mattered most.  Understanding that there are some neighborhoods that are more connected than others, it is our vision to rebuild this sense of community on a grander scale through Neighbor2Neighbor.

Here's the idea: Community members and families with skills and time are connected with individuals and families with needs.  The activities could range from lawn mowing and snow shoveling to plumbing and minor home repair. These connections would be made through a referral process where a request for assistance would be assessed then matched with a volunteer who has, through a skills inventory, indicated a particular skill.  All volunteers of the program would be covered by a supplemental volunteer insurance policy at no cost to them.

We know that there are people in our community with varied skills who would be more than happy to share their time and talents if only they knew where the need was. Neighbor2Neighbor makes that connection.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact:

RSVP+ Northeast ND

Leighann McKenzie

Kurtis Shelton