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North End News


North End News is published to help build community through engagement of those who live and work in northern Grand Forks. In provides a means for residents and UND students and faculty to learn from and with each other to produce and advance informed opinions about matters affecting their neighborhoods.

Story ideas and comments are welcome from our readers. Please contact us at the Center, send an email to or contact an editorial board member (their contact information can be found by clicking on the link on the right). Readers are also encouraged to connect with the Engage the Forks site to add comments and ideas about issues affecting the North End.

The North End News is produced by the UND Center for Community Engagement with sponsorship support from local businesses and organizations. If you would like to be a sponsor, please click here to download the sponsor form.

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 Volume 2 - Issue 1 (Oct / Nov 2014)

  NEN Issue 7


Inside Volume 2 - Issue 1

Page 1 - M.P.O begins U.S. Highway 2 Corridor Study

Page 1 - North-End Resurgence Drives Playground Restoration

Page 2 - Editorial/Q&A

Page 3 - Interchange

Page 4 - Traditional Baker Creates Sweet Tooth Paradise/Q&A

Page 5 - Historic Riverside: A Tour in Grand Forks History/Q&A

Page 6 - New Downtown Treasure-Trove Opens/Sweater Weather

Page 7 - UND Center Celebrates 10 Years of Service to Region

Page 8 - Fall Fun Ahead - North End Calendar of Events/Our Sponsors

Volume 2 - Sponsors

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Volume 1 - Sponsors

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