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Public Scholarship Program

The University of North Dakota Public Scholarship Program is housed in the Center for Community Engagement. The program supports faculty research and creative activity that addresses public needs, especially that of rural communities, tribal communities, and nonprofit organizations in the state of North Dakota.

Definition and Purpose: Public scholarship can be described as scholarly and creative work in the public interest, scholarship planned and carried out with community or public partners, and scholarship that produces a "public good" such as exhibits, performances, and broadly accessible research results. The Public Scholarship Program provides funding, support, and visibility for projects from a variety of disciplines that enable the university to better serve its public purpose by contributing to public debate, solving public problems, and strengthening communities. Through public scholarship, faculty will be able to become more actively engaged in society, while communities will develop their capacity to address their own needs and improve the quality of life for their residents. This initiative directly supports the University's strategic plan and the Legislative Round Table Report with its emphasis on research and service that addresses the needs of North Dakota.

Activities: The main activities of the Public Scholarship Program are to:

  • Provide links between appropriate faculty and community and nonprofit partners in need of research assistance
  • Identify community and state issues in need of public research
  • Help locate research dollars for UND faculty for public scholarship projects
  • Make research findings broadly available to the public through publication of a monograph series and through other means, and facilitate public use and discussion of research results
  • Encourage, support, and highlight the public scholarship of faculty.