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2006 Stone Soup Luncheon & Awards Program

At the Stone Soup Awards Luncheon and Program, the Center for Community Engagement's first annual Civic Engagement Awards program, held in the fall 2006, a total of three awards for exemplary community and university engagement were given in three categories.

2006 Award Winners

CASE Award- Robert "BJ" Rainbow

The Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Award of $1,000 for a service-learning project was presented to Robert B. Rainbow, a criminal justice major, for a youth crime prevention program with the Seven Feathers Project at Lake Agassiz School. Rainbow's program organized a series of after school activities, including bringing in Native American elders to work with the youth through cultural education and on traditional Native crafts.   The award was made possible by the Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Partnership Foundation and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation .

Exemplary Public Scholarship Award- Curtis Stofferahn

The Exemplary Public Scholarship Award was given to Curtis Stofferahn, a UND professor of Sociology, and the Foundation for Agricultural Resources and Rural Management (FARRMS) to continue a collaborative research project involving a survey of North Dakota farmers about organic farming and sustainability.   The $1,000 award was made possible by funding from the UND Office of the Vice President for Research .

Paul V. Boswell Community Scholar Award- Gary LaPointe

The Paul V. Boswell Community Scholar Award, a new award recognizing exceptional service to one's community as a scholar, was given to Gary LaPointe, a UND graduate. The award was sponsored by the UND Office of the Vice President for Research. The award was sponsored by the UND Office of Multicultural Student Services in memory of Paul Boswell, the former director of the UND Native Media Center.   The award of $300 requires 46 hours of community service in the UND Native Media Center .