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2009 Stone Soup Luncheon & Awards

At the Stone Soup Awards Luncheon and Program, the Center for Community Engagement's third annual Civic Engagement Awards program, held in the fall 2009, a total of nine awards for exemplary community and university engagement were given in seven categories.

2009 Award Winners

Community Partner Award - Community of Rugby, N.D.

Under the leadership of Dallas Knudson and Brenda Dissette Foster, the Community of Rugby extended its hospitality, its talent, and its resources to co-host a community-university forum last April attended by 40 UND students, faculty, and staff and dozens of local and statewide participants. Rugby modeled the theme of the forum, “Community Entrepreneurship,” and provided an important opportunity for UND and community members to share ideas and find new partners for collaborative projects. 

Community Partner Award - Archie Hill

Archie Hill is a former UND faculty member who never stopped being an educator and a supporter of UND. Archie has been teaching writing workshops for UND students and community members in support of the Alvin E. Austin Memorial Fund.

Public Scholar Award - Steven LeMire

Steven LeMire has worked with other scholars and with community partners on a research project studying the economic impact of the Grand Forks Town Square Farmers’ Market. He has presented the work to community audiences, produced a publication, and presented the project at a professional meeting. From the beginning of the project through presentation of its results, his concern has been that the results be meaningful to the community, demonstrating what public scholarship is all about. 

Faculty Service-Learning Award - Bridget Thompson

Bridgit Thompson has worked with Carma Hanson of the Safe Kids Program in Grand Forks to create a learning opportunity for students in her Child Health Nursing clinical class. They have worked with local child care providers who teach the UND students about working with 4-6 year olds, then students create a lesson plan and a parent take-home folder. The students are in a real world clinical experience that addresses injury prevention and provides community education. 

Undergraduate Student Civic Engagement Award - Theresa Rerick

Theresa Rerick has earned a name for herself on and off campus for her service, including volunteering at a Russian orphanage this summer and serving as a crisis call volunteer for the Community Violence Intervention Center, to name a few examples. She helped found a new service learning student organization, the Partnership for Student Cultural Engagement and is assisting faculty members in the development of new courses connecting UND to indigenous leaders in North Dakota and around the globe.

Graduate Student Civic Engagement Award - Yuliya Kartoshkina

A doctoral student in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Yuliya Kartoshkina has gone above and beyond the already demanding work of a graduate student to take a leadership role as the coordinator of the Community Connect project hosted by the Center for Community Engagement. Her current contribution to civic engagement follows on the heels of other significant engagement work at UND while she was a master’s degree student in communication. 

Engaged Department Award - Nonprofit Leadership Program

Under the guidance of program coordinator Heather Helgeson, the Nonprofit Leadership Program has established a reputation in the community for its good works and support of nonprofit organizations. The Program has an exceptional co-curricular program in which students learn the goals of the program through their service-learning work in the community.  Nonprofit Leadership students are known for their engaging projects, such as the second-hand prom dress sale shown in their exhibit, where they learn about management, fund-raising, and meeting the needs of others in the community.

Paul V. Boswell Community Scholar Award - Alva Irwin & Frank Sage

The Paul V. Boswell Public Scholar Award is presented in memory of Paul Boswell, who served as director of the Native Media Center before his death in 2006.

Alva Irwin, a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota, earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from UND. Alva grew up on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and witnessed firsthand the critical community need for culturally knowledgeable and sensitive human services professionals.  She has long been a human rights and justice advocate, and she continues to serve and advocate for the healing, strengthening, and empowerment of Native people across the state and nation.

Frank Sage  is a member of the Navajo Nation who came to UND several years ago from his home reservation community in the Southwest. He was raised traditionally in his cultural community and learned to speak English only as a secondary language. Frank is also a United States Veteran who stopped out of school to serve the United States on a tour of duty to Iraq. He was among the founders of the UND BRIDGES (Building Roads into Diverse Groups Empowering Students) student organization and continues to serve the community, nation, and world as a passionate human rights advocate.