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2012 Stone Soup Luncheon and Awards Program

BRW Co-Chairs Steve and Walton art and design Hidemaru Beatrice Lori UW Doris Bret Buffalo

At the Stone Soup Awards Luncheon and Program, the Center for Community Engagement's seventh annual Civic Engagement Awards program, held in the fall 2012, a total of eight awards for exemplary community and university engagement were given.

2012 Award Recipients

Community Partner Award- United Way of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and Area

The United Way plays a huge part in our communities, especially in the Grand Forks area, where this organization mobilizes volunteers to raise an impressive number of dollars in support of the work of social service agencies and to address community needs. What people may not know is the role that United Way plays in initiating research on community issues and bringing parties to the table to talk bout the issues and find solutions. UND faculty and students are partners in those research projects and on those committees. The Social Work Department is one UND partner that lauds the role of United Way for its role in research projects and for including faculty members on the United Way Board and in allocation committees. There aren't many organizations in the community that bring as many different representatives from various sectors of the community and as many faculty into the workings of the community as does United Way. And there aren't many times that United Way gets the thanks it deserves for its engagement of the University and the community in getting the work of our community done.

Public Scholar Award- Bret Weber

Bret Weber, a member of the Social Work Department, has a long record of connecting research to the problems that face our community. Among a number of projects that have had an impact, his research led the way to the creation of the Grand Forks Energy Alliance and to his service as a founding member of the Community Land Trust. He is now conducting research on the impact of oil development and social service issues and affordable housing in western North Dakota. Dr. Weber understands the importance of bringing academic expertise to the table.

Faculty-Service Learning Award- Doris Wang

Doris Wang was described as the force behind the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics requirement for all majors to complete a minimum of 60 hours a year of service learning. Professor Wang proposed that the department institutionalize its commitment to student engagement in the curriculum and taught the faculty what it meant. The department's website information for students about service learning and instructions for how to track and document their learning is a model for other departments.

Undergraduate Student Civic Engagement Award- Beatrice Hill

Honors student Beatrice Hill is someone who has taken service learning beyond her own education as well. She has focused her efforts on New American youth in our community, coordinating Honor's student tutoring and helping to organize a mentoring component, in partnership with Global Friends Coalition. She also is an Honors Peer Service Mentor and Youth Service America Ambassador.

Graduate Student Civic Engagement Award- Lori Young

Lori Young is a graduate student in the Geography Department who has worked with community organizations for a number of years. She has provided informal education and participated in the programs of the Dakota Science Center- such as a recent summer program at the Grand Forks Public Library. She has helped with the Water Festival at the East Grand Forks Heritage Village and with the Geography Department programming such as the Young Scientists Academy and the North Dakota State Science and Engineering Fair. She currently serves as the treasurer of the Geography Department honor society, where she is promoting service learning.

Engaged Department Award- Art and Design

The Department of Art and Design has developed a track record of community engagement by individual department members and the department as a whole. Their civic engagement has taken the University's Presidential Art Collection to the public, led to a formalized community partnership program spurred through a successful Link event for Students and community professionals, and brought faculty and graduate student creativity to communities such as Buffalo through the past several Community Connect Forums. In fact, as a result of their last project helping students in the Maple Valley School District learn to make pottery, one young student won a prize at the Red River Valley Fair with his pot and his explanation of how he learned to make it.

Community Connect Partner Award- Community of Buffalo, N.D.

In April 2012, the community of Buffalo, N.D. hosted our annual Community Connect forum, welcoming almost 200 UND faculty, staff, students, and regional community residents to a day of sharing our common interests on the theme, Mapping Our Community Stories. This community extended its hospitality and opened the doors of its brand new fire hall to help us all learn what a community can accomplish.

Paul V. Boswell Community Scholar Award- Hidemaru Shibata

The Paul V. Boswell Public Scholar Award is presented by the Center for Community Engagement, the UND Era Bell Thompson Multicultural Center, and the UND Indian Studies Department in memory of Paul Boswell, who served as director of the Native Media Center before his death in 2006.

Ted is a true student leader. He is active in campus events and dedicated to helping people. He has been an organizer of the Pay It Forward tour, which takes students during spring break to places where they can be of service to others. He is a participant in Students Today, Leaders Forever. Ted first received a degree in Aviation and is now finishing a master's degree in business administration. He is leaving behind a legacy at UND that carries out the life and values of Paul Boswell.