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Stone Soup Fund

     The Center of Community Engagement offers support to UND faculty for community‐based teaching and research projects through an established Stone Soup Fund. The name and concept of the fund is drawn from the folk tale of hungry travelers who convince a village to contribute to their soup made from a stone, feeding the travelers and the village. The fund was initiated by the Center's Community Advisory Board and has benefitted from contributions from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and various community sponsors. Funds will be awarded on a first‐come, first‐served basis.

Criteria for use of funds:

• A maximum of $1,000may be awarded to a faculty or instructional staff member for a teaching and/or research project involving at least one community partner and benefitting a community.

• Teaching projects must involve students enrolled in academic credit who are engaged in service‐learning. Faculty should choose at least one service learning goal, identified in UND's service‐learning assessment plan, in addition to Goal 4 (see ).

     Goal 1: Civic Skills: Students are prepared with the skills to participate in the public life of their communities.

     Goal 2: Civic Knowledge: Students are able to participate knowledgeably as citizens in public life.

     Goal 3: Civic Professionalism: Students learn how their fields, professions, or careers can contribute positively to public life.

     Goal 4: Civic Impact: Students improve community well‐being through their academic service.

• Results from research projects must be made publicly available (IRB approval may apply). (See more information about public scholarship at

• Possible eligible expenses include travel to project sites, printing and duplicating, materials, supplies, and meeting expenses. Funds cannot be used to substitute for expenses normally covered by academic departments such as usual and customary classroom expenses. Refreshments are subject to UND's Finance and Operations Policy 2.5 Food and Beverage Purchase Approval.

• All funds awarded for projects in the spring semester must be spent by June 30 and a final report of use of funds must be on file within one additional month.