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About the CRC

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The Conflict Resolution Center is a non-profit community mediation and training organization and is located on the campus of the University of North Dakota,. The CRC was established in 1988 by a group of UND faculty and staff in order to provide mediation services to the UND campus community. Since our inception, we have expanded our services to meet the growing conflict management needs of our clientele both on campus and throughout the State and Region. We are the only community mediation and training center in the Dakotas.

Our Mission Statement:

To transform the fundamental human experience
of conflict by fostering greater understanding and peace.

The CRC has become a leader in transformative mediation and conflict management over the past two decades. In fact, we are one of the leading transformative mediation centers in the world. The CRC has served as the administrative office for the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation (ISCT), the "think-tank" for transformative mediation theory and practice. The CRC is part of a consortium of universities providing support for the ISCT, along with Hofstra University and James Madison University . Our director, Kristine Paranica, and Past Director and Board Member Jim Antes, are Fellows of the ISCT. We have worked closely with the authors of the transformative mediation theory, Joseph Folger and R. Baruch Bush, who wrote The Promise of Mediation (1994, 2005) and Designing Mediation: Approaches to Training and Practice within a Transformative Framework (2001). In 2010, we contributed to Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook, published by the ISCT and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

We have presented multiple times at the Annual International Conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) on transformative mediation. We have also presented our work at the International Transformative Mediation Symposia, National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (NCPCR), the National Training Conference of Criminal Justice and Community Leaders, and local and regional conflict resolution, human resources, and various other regional and national conferences.