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Please answer the following questions using as much space as needed. Specific and detailed responses are encouraged. Any unanswered questions or missing information will result inyour application being returned.

1. Why have you chosen the Conflict Resolution Center as a possible internship site?


2. What specific skills, attitudes or qualifications would you bring to the Center?


3. Which of these skills, attitudes or qualifications set you apart from other applicants?


4. Using your own words and experience, please define "conflict."

5. What amount of time would you be committing to the Center each week
6. When would you like to start and end your internship, e.g. Fall 2013-Spring 2014?

7. What are the requirements, if any, from your College/Department in terms of an internship?

8. How did you learn about this internship opportunity?

Internships at CRC are ongoing and there are no application deadlines, however depending on your interests, there may be a mandatory training in January and/or May that you will have to attend.

For more information about the CRC visit us on the web at

Please send your completed application and a current resume to Sarah Prom at