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Support the CRC

Get Involved! 

You can support the work of the UND Conflict Resolution Center through your tax deductible financial contributions. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides a myriad of community services, to schools, non-profit organizations, children and youth, families, the elderly, and others. Your generous contributions help us to make a difference in our communities, and to spread the message of nonviolence and peace.

You can make your donations payable to:

UND Conflict Resolution Center, 314 Cambridge Street, Stop 8009, Grand Forks, ND 58202-8009, or you can make payments by credit card as well.

Contact Jody at 701.777.3664 with any questions. You may also contact the UND Alumni Association, and ask to make a donation in our account, at (800) 543-8764 or (701) 777-2933.

Thank You for your generosity.

"The critical resource in conflict transformation is the parties' own basic humanity -- their essential strength, decency and compassion, as human beings. ... [Our] theory posits, based on what many call a "relational" theory of human nature, that human beings also have inherent capacities for strength (agency/autonomy) and responsiveness (connection/compassion), and an inherent moral resiliency that allows these capacities to overcome the tendencies toward weakness and self-absorption. When these capacities are activated, the transformative theory asserts, the [negative] conflict spiral can reverse and interaction can regenerate."

~ A reflection about the beliefs that underlie our practice, from pioneers in transformative mediation, R. Baruch Bush & Sally Ganong Pope, 2002

Here at the Conflict Resolution Center, we invite volunteerism in multiple forms. You can help out with marketing or a particular program, or join us as an official Volunteer Mediator following your training in transformative mediation. Stop in or a make an appointment to find out how to get involved. We love getting students, staff, faculty, and community members involved in planning, promoting, and evaluating of all the things we do.

Students are welcome to:

  • Volunteer or Intern at the CRC
  • Volunteer to help with an event, like the International Peace Day or National Conflict Resolutoin Day, and other campus events
  • Attend workshops and training to strengthen your skills and prepare you for the workplace
  • Consider adding an academic Certificate in Conflict Transformation to your resume and transcript. It is 16 credits, primarily available online. Contact us to register!

Faculty are welcome to:

  • Attend an event
  • Join an interest group
  • Learn more about the research and service possibilities

Community members are welcome to:

  • Volunteer at the Center as a Mediator (following training)
  • Make connections through our work in the community with at-risk populations