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Academic Programs

Certificate in Conflict Transformation

A post-baccalaureate "Conflict Transformation Certificate" program has been established at the University of North Dakota. The program provides students-both on-campus pre-professionals and professionals already in the workforce-with basic conceptual understanding of conflict, its dynamics, and alternative dispute resolution processes used to manage or resolve conflict. Students will learn how this basic conceptual understanding, taught from a transformative theoretical framework, leads to practical implications for managing conflict interactions. The program will be delivered both in the traditional classroom and online.

Academic ProgramsMission Statement
The mission of the Conflict Transformation Certificate is to provide students with conceptual and practical background about conflict and conflict management so that they may better understand conflict in their professional and personal lives and deal with it more effectively.

Objectives: Consistent with UND's Mission & Vision, We will provide students with:

    • A basic understanding of conflict, its dynamics, and major theoretical explanations.
    • Knowledge of the major dispute resolution approaches, their applicability, strengths, weaknesses.
    • Familiarity with the practice of transformative mediation and its associated skills.
    • Understanding of the application of conflict transformation principles to leadership.
    • In-depth knowledge of a chosen conflict topic or practice.

Strong conflict management skills are important in the successful pursuit of careers after graduation. Conflict management education teaches critical skills such as communication, honesty/integrity/ethics, interpersonal skills, teamwork, flexibility, problem-solving, and leadership. Conflict is pervasive, a fundamental phenomenon of all aspects of human existence. Scholarly interest in conflict and ways of addressing it has intensified in the last three decades, as has the practical interest in seeking resolution. What has not developed in parallel fashion are the means to broadly share these new understandings about conflict and its resolution. The many valuable insights from the recent decades of scholarship could be of enormous benefit, and reduce the cost-both economic and emotional-of troubled community, workplace, and familial interactions. The theory and skills taught in the certificate program will prepare graduates from any background for leadership roles in their workplaces and their community.

Relationship to Other Programs: This certificate is the first of it's kind in the North Dakota University System. There are no programs on conflict resolution, conflict management, mediation or alternative dispute resolution offered in North Dakota nor in the region. However, this program is a unique and attractive addition to many existing programs including business, management, human resources, non-profit management, law, administration, counseling/psychology, social sciences, aerospace, teaching, higher education, and many other programs offered at the University of North Dakota and other schools. The program will be administered jointly by the UND Conflict Resolution Center and the Psychology Department at UND.