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Advanced Mediation

Refresh and enhance your skills

Kristine Paranica and Sarah PromIf you have already taken a 32 or 40 hour mediation training and would like to enhance your skills in both the Family and the Civil/Employment arenas, our mediation refreshers are just what you need. Our refresher trainings are meant to complement and revisit the themes and concepts of our Civil & Employment and/or Family Mediation Seminars. The trainings build on the knowledge you already have and enhance the skills you already use. In addition, participants will be introduced to new theories, ideas, mediation skills and best practices in the world of mediation.



Advanced Mediation Skills Training has included:

Mediator Ethics

  • Identifying real-time ethical dilemmas
  • Consideration of ethical codes and guides
  • Group discussions using ethical scenarios
  • Practice opportunities

Group/Multi-Party Mediation

  • Dynamics of multi-party mediation
  • Pre-mediation planning for group processes
  • Use of multiple mediators
  • Managing process and content in group mediation
  • Using facilitation tools for setting agendas
  • Creating conversation guidelines
  • Record keeping and charting
  • Decision making
  • Practice opportunities

Domestic Violence for Mediators

  • Recognizing hidden signs of domestic violence
  • Screening for DV
  • Safety planning with clients
  • How to make determinations going forward with mediation
  • Ethical concerns such as self-determination and coercion
  • Practice opportunities

Other Topics

  • Conflict coaching
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Pre-mediation orientation


All refreshers are interactive and experiential in order to give participants an opportunity to learn and most importantly practice new skills and techniques. Even if you haven't been trained specifically in Transformative Mediation, these refresher trainings are geared toward the practice of mediation and the knowledge needed to practice in any setting.

Professional Continuing Education Credits available.