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Seminars & Workshops

Equip yourself

Equip yourself with key leadership skills useful in a variety of situations. The CRC offers several public workshops and trainings each year in order to do just that.  We can also customize any of these topics or combinations for your workplace.

Workshops we have offered:

The Workplace Bully Organizational Conflict Management
Participants learn about the cost of conflict to organizations' bottom lines, as well as how to predict causes of conflict, and learn new tools for dealing with difficult situations and capitalizing on the positive energy of conflict. These are key leadership skills.

Stress Management
Participants learn what triggers stress for them in different environments, what happens when they get stressed, and key tips for managing stress that work for each individual.

Effective Time and Meeting Management
Participants enhance their own self-awareness in regard to time and meeting management through self-assessment and action planning. Participants learn tips and tools for improving and maintaining proper time and meeting management.

The Workplace Bully
Participants achieve a context for understanding difficult, bullying behavior. Participants will identify what defines bullying behavior and learn the signs and signals of bullying behavior. They will explore ways to address and stop the bullying behavior and create positive workplace climate change.

Negotiation Skills for Women
Women bring a particular skill set and personal qualities to the negotiation table that can create opportunities for win-win solutions. Participants learn more about their own negotiation style, uncover stereotypes around gender and bargaining, and develop new tools for their next negotiation.

The Business of Civility
Participants have the opportunity to identify viral incivility and to define and bring civility into the workplace. They will complete a civility assessment as well as a self-assessment on social styles to create awareness and desired areas for change. Participants will learn about moral intelligence and how it relates to their work lives, and some skills for infusing civility throughout the organization.

Other Seminars & Workshops we have offered:

  • Essential Skills for Meaningful Supervision
  • Dysfunction to Development:  A Team Approach
  • Change the Game:  New Responses to Bad Behavior
  • Conflict Resolution for Leadership
  • Difficult Conversations
  • The Lost Art of Listening
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Emotional/Social Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Diversity Training