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Rescuers Exhibition


        Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945

     In partnership with Tolerance Minnesota and JCRC, CHRGS hosted the first U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Traveling Exhibition to visit the state of North Dakota. The exhibition, "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: 1933-1945," was on display in the Memorial Union Ballroom from March 1-25, 2012. Thousands of homosexuals, primarily gay men, perished at the hands of the Nazis in concentration camps during the Third Reich. Through a multi-media presentation, this exhibition tells the story of what happened to these victims. More than two years in development, this is the first major exhibition on this subject for English-speaking audiences and draws on materials from more than 40 archives and other repositories in eight countries. In all,

approximately 1200 people visited the exhibition, including high school students from around the region. Large numbers of UND students, faculty, staff and Grand Forks and regional community members also attended the various events connected to the exhibition.



Atrocity as Seen through Art: The Theater of Genocide

     In November 2011, in partnership with the Jewish Community Relations Council for Minnesota and the Dakotas, CHRGS hosted Dr. Robert Skloot, professor emeritus of theatre and drama at the University of Wisconsin and a leading scholar of Holocaust theater and on the arts and genocide. Dr. Skloot has written numerous books and articles on the Holocaust and is an editor of anthologies of plays about the Holocaust and genocide. On November 8, 2011, in the East Asian Room of the Chester Fritz Library, Dr. Skloot gave a keynote lecture on the "

     Theater of Genocide." Then, on November 9th, at the Empire Arts Center, Dr. Skloot directed and performed in his one-act play "Raphael Lemkin and the Treaty against Genocide." The play tells the story of the founder of the Genocide Convention, Raphel Lemkin, a Polish Jewish jurist who was able to escape Nazi-occupied Europe and go on to coin and define the term "genocide." The play also included participation of UND students and members of the Grand Forks community. Dr. Skloot's visit was in commemoration of "Kristallnacht," the single night (November 9-10) in 1938 Nazi Germany when Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were destroyed and thousands of Jews were beaten, imprisoned or killed.

Tony & Janina


Immigrant Rights: "Tony and Janina's American Wedding"

     On September 29, 2011, in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl, CHRGS sponsored the screening of a film about immigration rights "Tony and Janina's American Wedding: A Deportation Love Story." The film recounts the story of Tony and Janina Wasilewski, Polish immigrants who met and married in the US and had a US citizen son, Brian. When Janina's quest for legal status in the US failed, she was deported to Poland and took Brian with her. The film chronicles the incredible pain suffered by the family on both sides of the ocean and the legal efforts to bring Janina back to the US. The film was accompanied by a Q&A session related to immigrants' rights led by Professor Kit Johnson (formerly with UND School of Law and currently with the University of Oklahoma School of Law), an expert in U.S. immigration law.

Exploring the Drone

    Exploring the Drone and the Legal Unknown

     On October 18, 2011, in partnership with the UND Center for UAS Research, Education & Training, CHRGS organized an all-day multidisciplinary symposium titled "Exploring the Drone and the Legal Unknown: Unmanned Aerial Systems at Home, on the Battlefield and in Space." The symposium was held in the Odegard Hall Atmospherium and provided lunch to speakers and participants. In addition to Professor Laurie Blank's keynote address on "UAS and the Law of War,"

     The symposium concluded with a "Perspectives Panel" that included Professors Blank, Vacek and Gordon placing all the speakers' remarks into a generalized context and forecasting the potential human rights impact of UAS going forward. The symposium was recorded and can be watched on the CHRGS website at

Madame F


Holocaust Play: "An Evening with Madam F"

     In April 2011, in partnership with the Adelphi Literature Society, CHRGS hosted musician and playwright Claudia Stevens who performed her one-woman musical " An Evening with Madame F" at the Empire Arts Theater (April 28, 2011). Created by Stevens for her performance as pianist, singer and actor, the piece draws on first-hand accounts to depict and mirror the struggle of women - and in particular the French cabaret artist Fania Fenelon - who survived Auschwitz as musicians. Stevens performed, and the musical score incorporated, music that was played and sung by concentration camp inmates. And, as a daughter of Holocaust survivors, she also meditated - in the performance and in remarks afterwards to the audience - on the dilemma of using the Holocaust for artistic purposes.

     On April 29th, Ms. Stevens spoke to students and faculty at the UND Burtness Lab Theater. In the lecture, "Expressing the Inexpressible: Representing the Holocaust on Stage" and during the Q&A session that followed, she discussed the complex ethical and artistic dilemma of rendering unspeakable horror through art. The UND Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA) generously funded Ms. Stevens's visit.


Archival Project "Nuremberg Trials"

     The Center continues to serve in a consultant role in connection with the Ethiopian Red Terror Documentation and Research Center (ERTDRC) "Red Terror" archive project. ERTDRC has completed scanning key documents accumulated by the Addis Ababa Special Prosecutor's office in prosecuting members of the Mengistu Haile Mariam regime responsible for crimes during the 1970s "Red Terror" purges. ERTDRC has been in discussions with CHRGS regarding creation of a website and creating optimal online access to the scanned documents. CHRGS directors Gregory Gordon and Wilbur Stolt previously assisted ERTDRC director Hirut Abebe-Jiri in working with Ethiopian officials to make the documents available for scanning and public display.


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An Evening with Madam F