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Dr. James Boys

Dr. James Boys

Dr. Boys

University of North Dakota
Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies

Visiting Fellow Dr. James D. Boys
Richmond American International University in London

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Dr. James D. Boys is Director of the Postgraduate Program in International Relations at Richmond American International University in London. He is a visiting scholar with Syracuse University in London and reaches a global audience as a regular on-air consultant with the BBC and Aljazeera English. He was the only UK based source used by the BBC in its coverage of President Obama’s inauguration and has been called on to cover all major events dealing with US domestic politics and UK/US relations since 2007. His scholarship focuses on the American presidency as relates to United States foreign relations policy and he has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the foreign policy of the 42nd president of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton. His Ph.D. dissertation, earned at the University of Birmingham and titled The Evolution and Execution of Engagement and Enlargement: The Clinton Doctrine, covered military and intelligence matters as they impacted the direction of policy in the Clinton White House. In conducting his research, Dr. Boys has been privileged to conduct interviews with key members of the Clinton administration including former Vice President Al Gore and National Security Advisor Anthony Lake.

Two important issues dealt with in Dr. Boys's research have included President Clinton's response to the Rwandan genocide and his initiation of policies, including extraordinary rendition, in the burgeoning "War on Terror." Dr. Boys is at the University of North Dakota during the second half of May to flesh out his research on these topics and begin writing papers on them as a Visiting Fellow with the UND Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies. The proposed papers are tentatively titled "The Clinton Administration and the Rwandan Genocide: Politics, Denial, Remorse and the Development of a Responsibility to Protect Doctrine for Africa" and "The Perpetual War on Terror."

In the fall, Dr. Boys plans to return to UND with completed papers on these subjects and present his scholarship on the UND campus. While at UND this spring, Dr. Boys will also present his preliminary research on the Rwandan genocide with CHRGS Director, and Rwandan genocide expert, Gregory Gordon at an April 19th conference at Macalester College titled "Rwanda: Genocide, Denial and Hope."