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Tony & Janina's American Wedding

Tony and Janina's American WeddingWho gets deported from the United States and who stays is a hot button topic. Just this summer, it has been the subject of state laws, federal litigation, and numerous protests. Many people think that deportation is a Mexican or Central American issue. This film highlights the fact that deportation is not. It is an issue that has staggering effects both in the US and internationally.

About the Film

The director of Tony & Janina's American Wedding calls the film a "deportation love story."  It follows Tony and Janina Wasilewski, Polish immigrants who meet and marry in the US and who have a US citizen son. When Janina's quest for legal status in the US fails, she is deported to Poland and she takes Brian with her. The film chronicles the incredible pain suffered by the family on both sides of the ocean and the legal efforts to bring Janina back to the US. On August 8, 2011, after being separated for four years, Janina and Brian lawfully returned to the United States.


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