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Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Students in Sustainable Energy

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Would you like to be involved in the development of innovative solutions to the sustainable energy problems currently facing our society?

SUNRISE, UND's research group, is offering a 10-week summer chemistry-focused undergraduate research that contributes to the advancement of sustainable energy technologies.

Preferred majors all: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Physics

Each undergraduate student will gain professional research experience working with top researchers in the region. A variety of social activities are planned to enrich your summer in Grand Forks, ND.

Financial Benefits

  • $5,000 stipend
  • On-campus housing with Unlimited Meal Plan reimbursement
  • Travel subsidies

Academic Benefits

  • Research experience
  • Exposure to sustainable chemistry / sustainable energy research
  • Training in safety and ethics
  • Assistance in choosing your career path

How Can Our Program Help You?

  • Engage in research activities that will introduce you to research as a career option with graduate studies as a next step in your development.
  • Increase participation by Native Americans, Hispanics and other underrepresented groups.
  • Encourage your interest in sustainable energy chemistry and/or chemical engineering. Fields such as biofuels, wind energy, solar energy, clean coal, and fuel cells can be chosen.
  • Provide you with experience in investigating multi-disciplinary problems through collaborative research. The best solutions for today's problems come from a team based approach, drawing from a broad range of expertise provided by inter-disciplinary researchers.
  • Help you gain skills to deal with issues concerning the global supply and demand of energy. As the number of issues related to energy proliferate, such as energy security, global warming, the rising cost of energy and potential near-term shortages; the next generation of scientists and engineers will be required to understand, develop and improve sustainable energy technologies.