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When is it?

The one-day workshop with new theme "Beyond Crude Oil: Biobased Chemicals and Fuels" is organized during UND spring break (this year March 17, 18 2014) to enable easy access of UND's facilities. However, upon contact other dates may be scheduled. The workshop is planned for two days with capacity of 80 students per day, from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The time may be modified depending on the needs of individual schools.

Where is it?

The main event occurs at Chemistry Department, University of North Dakota. Tours are scheduled, depending on availability, this year (2012) we went to Airport to see University of North Dakota's Cessna Citation Research Aircraft, in previous years we had tours to the Hydrogen Center Energy at the Environmental Research Center (EERC) and Chemical Engineering Department Research Facilities.

Interested to participate?

We look for new schools to attract more students in science. Please contact us to plan for the next year as soon as possible to book available space (total capacity 80 students a day). Let us know how many students you would like to bring, what levels of science experience they have, and what dates & times would you prefer (preferably over UND spring break).

Funding for schools

We can support the trip to UND by covering the substitute teacher (1 per 30 students) ~$90 and covering the mileage for trip at rate of $0.60/mile. If you need further financial help, please contact us to see whether we can accommodate you. We would like to gratefully acknowledge National Science Foundation (NSF) ATM-0747349 and 1060183 allowing for this financial support.

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