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Disability Services for Students

Grand Forks, ND

How to Provide Access

How Do I:

Provide an Interpreter or Real Time Captioning – Deaf and hard of hearing students have a right to request communication services for events, such as one to one or group meetings, presentations, performances, etc. Knowing how to work with an interpreter improves the experience for everyone involved. Call Disability Services for Students (DSS) 777-3425 (voice/TDD) for assistance in scheduling.

Report Access Problems– Call the ADA Line (also the Facilities 24 hour number). Everyone is encouraged to report disability access problems, e.g., snow in front of a door, automatic door or elevator not working. 777-2591 (voice) or 777-2796 (TDD)

Communicate with Deaf PeoplePhone options include, Relay and texting. Computer options include email and instant messaging. Face to face conversation can be written or keyboarded back and forth when conversations are brief, for example making an appointment. Complicated information, such as discussing a student’s financial aid package or planning the semester’s class schedule, require an interpreter or Real Time captioning link to Using Real Time Captioning in a Meeting for complete access.

Make publications accessible – All materials produced by UND offices must be available in an accessible format, when requested. It is good practice to always use easy to read fonts, e.g., Arial or Verdana with high contrast between the print and paper color and include an access statement. Call DSS for assistance in producing other formats 777-3425.

Relate to People with Disabilities – We all want students to feel comfortable when they come into our departments. There are a few simple principles to keep in mind when talking with and relating to students with disabilities.

Make a student organization and meetings accessible – Access sends a positive message that people from diverse groups are welcome.

Provide accommodations in the workplace - If a permanent employee, call Affirmative Action 777-4171 (voice/TDD). See the web site for the accommodation request form: . If a student employee, call DSS 777-3425. Click on Service Animals for information on the type of animals allowed on campus and in buildings.

Accommodations in the Classroom or Other Disability Related Questions – Call DSS 777-3425.

Students with Temporary Medical Conditions, e.g., using crutches, hand in a cast. These students are expected to make their own arrangements whenever possible. For assistance, refer the student to the Dean of Students Office. For more information about “Courtesy Services for Temporary Medical Conditions,”

Disability Services for Students
Room 190 McCannel Hall
2891 2nd Avenue North, Stop 9040
Grand Forks, ND 58202 9040
Telephone (701)777- 3425 Voice/TDD
Fax (701) 777 4170