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Community and Campus Committee to Reduce High-Risk Alcohol Use

The Charge: To create a community and campus culture that supports responsible, low-risk alcohol use.

High-Risk Drinking Defined

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages that increases the risk of experiencing negative consequences not only for those who are drinking but also for the community.

Possible negative consequences from high-risk drinking to the community include:

  • City Resources
    Increased need for police and ER personnel and resources.
  • Neighborhoods
    Increased noise, trash, vandalism, and property devaluation.
  • Businesses
    Disruptive patrons, difficulties recruiting new employees, increased costs for cleaning and security, and legal liabilities.
  • Educational
    Negative perceptions (e.g, party school image), difficulties in recruiting high-caliber students, poor grades, increased absences, career implications for students, and students' futures.
  • Interpersonal
    Impact on love ones and family costs of health care.