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Proposed Social Host Ordinance

Summary of Social Host 

Draft of Social Host Ordinance 

Supporting Literature

Is It Worth It? ~ from SAPC

Effectiveness of Social Host and  Fake ID Laws ~ article from Traffic Injury Prevention

Fewer Teens Drink at Parties in Communities with Social Host Laws ~ article from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Social Host Liability for Minors and Underage Drunk-Driving Accidents ~ article from Journal of Health Economics

Proposed Extreme Drink Specials Ordinance

Summary of Extreme Drink Specials

Draft of Extreme Drink Specials Ordinance (see pages 6-7)

Awareness & Education Campaigns

Binge Drinking Summary

Grand Forks City/County Alcohol Data


UND KNOW Campaign

UND Alcohol & Other Drugs Committee (AOD)

"Drink Different Grand Forks" 

"No Thanks, I'm Good" 

Pending Future Action Initiatives 

  • Party Bus Regulations
  • Liquor License Availability & Density
  • Enforcement (i.e. Check-points)
  • Healthy Entertainment Alternatives
  • Restriction of Alcohol Service at public, family-friendly events
  • Over Service Training
  • Increase Alcohol Taxes/Cost
  • Alcohol Compliance Checks
  • Prevention Infrastructure
*These items are to be prioritized and may be added onto once current initiatives have been completed.  They are not in any particular order and more can be added as the committee deems necessary.  These initiatives are pending and are not definite at this time.