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Some nice general resources from the folks at Thomson Learning/Wadsworth.

A VERY COOL interactive mult-part philosophy timeline.

An outline of the major feels of philosophy and their subfield



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Undergraduate Journals and Conferences
Opportunities for you to publish or present your work.



Some philosophers and their hair.
(L to R)  Marx, Nietzsche, Russell, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein
From the Philosophers Image Gallery.


Audio Philosophy

Much of the philosophy we encounter or are affected by is "disguised" as something else. This is nowhere more true than in political philosophy and ethics. Thus, I am including on my site a collection of recordings of great speeches, interesting debates, and supreme court arguments (with decisions).

Click here and listen to history being made!



Check out this really cool British Library exhibition.
It allows you to flip through classic books including a 700 year old Haggadah and an even older Qur'an!




Online Books
It is often easy to get complete texts online of classic works. Here are some sites to start your search:

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Is North Dakota a bigger threat than Iraq? You betcha!

Click here for more details!

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Want to understand Karl Marx flawlessly and dance around with your dog at the same time? Here is am important study aid! Click here.




General Philosophy Sites

Where does one find secondary material on philosophers? How does one unify all of the complex details into one unified and coherent summary of a philosophy. These sites will help you with both of these problems. They provide search engines (especially Hippias) to help locate material, and they provide secondary materials (especially the Meta-Encyclopedia) that will help summarize the main points of each philosopher. Win-magic's timeline is a nice tool that helps us understand when philosophers lived, who they followed, and who they might have known.

Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy


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Philosophy Research Base

The QandA list of the Best Philosophy Resources

Pathways to Philosophy - launch site

"Pathways" philosophy links from Sheffield University in England were sent to me be a philosophy professor in England. Check them out.


Letters to my philosophy students

Essay evaluations and tutor feedback written for Pathways students

How-to-do-it guide

How to read, write and think philosophically

Essay archive

Portfolios submitted for the Philosophical Society Diploma

Ask a Philosopher

Submit a philosophical question and receive an answer within seven days

The Pathways E-journal

Online notebook maintained by Geoffrey Klempner

The Possible World Machine

Science fiction stories from the Pathways Introduction to Philosophy program

Philosophy of A-Z

Eclectic links to interesting and unusual philosophy pages in the web




A audio quote from The Princess Bride espousing what most people think of philosophers:
 Click here.



Individual Philosophers
(and schools of thought)

These sites provide more detailed discussion of particular philosophers. They offer essays and links to add to your more sophisticated understanding of the philosopher. This list will increase as I find more sites that I fell are useful. Keep in mind, some of these sites are designed by professional philosophers and some are designed by "amateurs". It is often difficult to locate the quality within the quantity. Don't believe everything you read everywhere. Part of the difficulty inherent in any philosophical project is sorting out the truth.

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Plato's Dialogues
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Aristotle's Political Philosophy Page
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Resources for further study of the thought of

The Philosophy of René Descartes

Thomas Hobbes


John Locke




Leibniz Page



Contemporary Philosophy,
 Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought

Martin Ryder
  University of Colorado at Denver
  School of Education


Existentialism - Banner

Commentary of Kierkegaard









A wonderful clip you should all watch:
 Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

This is, in essence, a debate about what it means to debate and the role of the media in elections. Its also pretty funny. It should be of particular interest to students in Introduction to Logic, but everyone should watch it.

Click here to go to the link


Philosophical Associations and Organizations


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The American Philosophical Association Homepage


 Society for Women in Philosophy


The Philosophical Society of England


The Philosopher Online
Articles from The Philosopher, Journal of the Philosophical Society

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Play three games and learn about economic issues and public policy:


What would the world look like if everyone lived like me?

Play Consumer Consequences

and find out if you are living a sustainable life.



If you ever wanted to control where your tax dollars go,
here's your chance to decide.

Go to: Budget Hero and see what YOUR federal budget would look like.



Life on the line: A Week in the life of a Single Mother



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John Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir in Paris.

Are you a former student?

Nothing would please me more than to know how you are and what you've been up to. Please e-mail me and let me know what's up. My e-mail address is jack.weinstein@und.nodak.edu.


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"The preserved remains of Jeremy Bentham, Enlightenment Philosopher and key figure of the Utilitarian school, are displayed in a glass case in the South Cloister at University College, London, the university which he founded in 1826... Bentham's will specified that, on his death, he was to be dissected in the presence of his friends, and subsequently his remains were to be preserved and kept on the college grounds at all times, and, once a year, were to be present at meetings of the board of university governers."-Paul Dourish (click here for more)


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