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Course Materials to Print Out

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Current Syllabi

PHIL 130 - Introduction to Political Philosophy (revised).

PHIL 480 - Public Philosophy.

Grading Rubrics




PAPER RUBRIC (for 100 - 200 level courses - papers only, not journals).

UPPER LEVEL PAPER RUBRIC (for 300-level courses and above - papers only, not journals)



Course Handouts


Course handouts will now be distributed through Facebook, in order to password protect access.


Resources For Basic Assignments:

How to Write a Journal

How To Include Quotes In Your Journal or Paper


Two external links:

Identifying the Argument of an Essay
(Microsoft Word Document)

Guide to the Study of Philosophy


Where to Go if You Don't Understand A Philosopher:

Obviously, you want to ask questions in class and come by my office to ask questions. But secondary sources are a great way of getting help. Many resources are available at the Chester Fritz Library that offer general introductions to philosophers. Some of these are more technical than others, but all should be understandable with a little effort. Here are a few reliable ones to start with, along with how to find them in the Chester Fritz Library::

The Encyclopedia of philosophy: REFERENCE B41.E5

Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy: REFERENCE B51 R68 1998

A critical history of Western philosophy by D.J. O'connor: B72.O2

Any of the Past Masters books: type in "Past Masters" in ODIN, under keywords

Any of the Wadsworth Philosophers Series: type in "wadsworth philosophers series" in ODIN, under keywords



The UND Student Success Center asked me to post these two flyers with all information about how you can get free help with study skills through the university. Check them out!

Flyer One

Flyer Two



Help with Philosophy Papers


An Outline of A Philosophy Paper

How To Include Quotes In Your Journal or Paper

How to Write a Philosophy Paper
by, Istvan Berkeley Ph.D.
University of Southern Louisiana



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Where to Start Your Research

UND students who need journal articles for their research should look at several different places. 

For a mostly complete listing of journal articles in philosophy, go to The Philosopher's Index
Great news: we now have the electronic online version.!

Go here to access the Philosophers Index

For online copies of journal articles, usually downloadable in .PDF format, search these databases:

Project Muse
OneFile (Infortrac)

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 Click here for the UND Chester Fritz Library guide to Philosophy and Religion.

and also, here is the Library of Congress classification numbers for Philosophy and Religion 



Can't find your dictionary? Forget the proper format for a footnote? Need help writing an outline? Try these
General reference materials, style guides, and
study skills.


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