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LUNABOTICS - Nasa Lunar Mining Robot

Grand Forks, ND


und's lunar mining competion team:
Team Raptor

group photo
Standing L-R: Dr. Neubert, Bharat, Josh, Sanchit, Craig, Jason, Ben, Rocky, Mike, Dr. Kaabouch, Jake
Sitting L-R: Kaylein, Dan, Andrea
  Dr. Kaabouch Dr. Naima Kaabouch,
Assistant Professor, Advisor
Dr. Neubert Dr. Jeremiah Neubert,
Assistant Professor, Advisor

Computer Science

  Bharat K. Bharat K. Sanchit G Sanchit G.  

Electrical Engineering

  Jason E. Jason E. Craig K. Craig K.  
  Josh R. Josh R. Chul Y. Chul Y.  

Mechanical Engineering

  Dan B. Dan B.   Andrea D.  
  Mike G. Mike G. Ben G. Ben G.  
  Jacob H. Jacob H. Kaylein T. Kaylein T.  


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