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Each year the Festival of Nations brings together some of the most talented and unique performers in the world. These groups travel from near and far to bring a taste of their culture to the University of North Dakota. 

Performers have not been selected for the 2018 event. Here is a sample of the performers who were on the program for the 55th Feast of Nations:

Fabuki Daiko Drum Group

The Fabuki Daiko Drum Group explores the limitless possibilities of the Japanese drum and flute. For over ten years, they have wowed audiences at concert halls, festivals, fairs, and bar mitzvahs across North America. Collaborations with a wide range of groups including the Northern Plains Ballet, Momentum Dance, the Acromaniacs and the Winnipeg Singers have continued to propel the group ís never ending quest for excellence and innovation in this ancient art form.

Flying Lion Dance Troupe  


The Flying Lion Dance Troupe is a Winnipeg-based, hard-working dance team that provides Chinese Lion dance culture and entertainment. The Chinese Lion Dance is a traditional dance done in which the performers mimic a lion’s movements. The Troupe trains on a Lion Dance focused curriculum, which results in their ability to perform traditional floor routines, shows with props and modern competition style performances on poles ranging from three to nine and a half feet.

Flying Lion

The Troupe was established by six members in November 2006, all with one thing in common, their dedication towards the Chinese Lion Dance and educating the community about this Chinese tradition. Their mission is to promote traditional and modern Chinese Lion Dance styles to future generations, contribute to the enrichment of multiculturalism in Manitoba and provide an opportunity for youth to be involved in the preservation of their culture.

Rozmai Ukranian Dance Company

The Rozmai Ukrainian Dance Company is a group of high-spirited dancers devoted to the love of their culture and the preservation of Ukrainian traditions. The group has an extensive repertoire of dances from almost every region in the Ukraine. One of the most popular dances performed by the dancers is the fiery Hopak. Derived from a Ukrainian word meaning to ‘jump’, the Hopak features high kicks, leaps, twirls and spins. The dancers wear a wardrobe of costumes reflective of each region in the Ukraine to accentuate their highly-skilled performances.

Rozmai Ukranian Dance 

Marco Castillo and the Brazillian Beats

Marco Castillo is a Latin music artist from the Samba capitol of the world, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the band leader of the Brazilian Beats Band that features high-profile musicians that play uplifting Latin music with a focus on Samba rhythms and Brazilian jazz and funk music. Castillo has the flexibility to perform in a small ensemble or with his 9-piece band, Brazilian Beats, and always plays contagious Latin grooves.