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Mission Statement

To be part of a tribal-state college resource dedicated to provide services and advocacy to Indian students by addressing selected needs and issues with Specialists, Program Leaders, and Administrators throughout North Dakota.


The purpose and goals of HEROS shall be:

1. To become a functional association by 1996 and to continue thereafter in an effort to accomplish the goals outlined herein;
2. To become a resource bank of information and assistance for all Indian people;
3. To be representative of all Indian people;
4. To be credible as a legal, organized body;
5. To form a state-wide executive committee on Indian Higher Education;
6. To function as a policy-making organization;
7. To orient non-Indian personnel who are working with Indian people so as to provide an understanding of Indian culture;
8. To develop a film and book library;
9. To become a strong educational system at the local level and to upgrade the educational level of the Indian people;
10.To provide advocacy for Indian students;
11.To increase the number of Indian faculty;
12.To increase the number of Indian graduates;
13.To develop a list of Indian lobbyists;
14.To effect the implementation of an Indian member on the Board of Higher Education;
15.To do all such other things as are necessary, convenient and desirable in bringing about better education for Indian people.

HEROS History (.pdf)

HEROS Constitution (.pdf)