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 The University of North Dakota Indian Association (UNDIA) is an organization of American Indian students who attend the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. They are allied to support one another and provide multicultural education to the UND campus and Grand Forks community.

UNDIA consists of nine positions on the Executive Board; President, Vice-President, Historian, Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, Time Out Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator, and Advisor. Each position consists of various duties as defined in UNDIA's constitution. The positions may have more than one person due to the business of student life.

With a group of over 400 students, American Indian is the largest minority on UND campus. Upon enrollment, every American Indian student is considered a general member to UNDIA.

UNDIA is committed to educating the campus and community about the culture of American Indians. One of UNDIA's major projects is to plan and organize the annual education week and powwow, known as Time Out Week and Wacipi (pronounced Wah-chee-pee).

During the Time Out week, which is usually held in early April, UNDIA assembles speakers from throughout the nation to discuss topic that range from treaty rights to storytelling.

The Wacipi (Lakota term for 'celebration') begins on Friday and ends on Sunday, concluding the week. A free community feast for all those who attend the powwow is held on Saturday. The Wacipi brings together as many as 25 drum groups, and 400 dancers, who travel from throughout the United States and Canada.

As the event grows every year, the budget for a week long of sharing American Indian culture also increases. The Executive Board does all of the fundraising and organizing while volunteering their time.

UNDIA also coordinates a Halloween Carnival held in late October. Families are invited to dress up in costume and take part in a night of fun activities, free of charge. Close to the end of the school year, a spring picnic is held for the purpose of elections and wishing well to all graduates.

UNDIA meets bi-weekly as an Executive Board and hosts a general membership once a month. The American Indian Center on UND campus allows UNDIA to utilize the student organization office in its new location, 315 Princeton Street.