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Fall 2012 Festival and Convention


Sept. 28 & 29

Planning meetings from January to May 1 (See below for dates and place)

FIRST NOTICE to all, particularly in the Twin Cities, from Virgil:


The Midwest French and Francophone Festival & Convention (MFFFC) will take place in the Saint Anthony Riverside District/Our Lady of Lourdes (Minneapolis MN) on September 28, 2012, as well as at DeLaSalle high school (Nicollet Island at St. Anthony District, Minneapolis) all day on September 29. Music, historic tours, food, dance, exhibits, a musical concert, games, a convention will all be part of this event. Set the dates aside on your calendars.

Bloquez les dates dès aujourd'hui. Tout seul(e) vous ne saurez jamais imaginer l'envergure de la présence française et francophone à Minneapolis ou au Midwest. L'heure s'en vient de la fêter ensemble. L'heure s'en vient de l'apprécier.

Initiatives like this upcoming event bring out the best of French and francophone cultures that exist across the Midwest. Our festival and convention cover the themes as they are evolving regarding French and francophone history and culture here in the Midwest to across North America and the world from the basics to the advanced: two days of fun and learning for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Please plan to join us for a planning meeting. Plan to take pride in and examin together the French and francophone  heritage that started here in the 1600s and continues to our day. Many cultures, many people making a better world through la joie de vivre and serious study of what we have been and what we want to strive to be.

Notre langue française mérite entendre nos efforts de faire un monde meilleur, un monde où nous sommes de plus en plus reconnaissants des uns des autres, un monde où nous ne serons pas des statues avec l'histoire déjà écrite dessus, mais un monde où nous verrons notre action quotidienne, notre créativité, sens commun et joie de voir nos frères et soeurs de tous les paysages du monde. Debout! Soyons libres! Chaque personne qui se met debout est une personne libre.

Organizational meetings for the MFFFC will focus on creating involvement. Please call or plan to attend one or more of these gatherings. Help us prepare a festival that will be fun and a convention that will be educational and engaging. It can be done, but easier it will be if you stand up and help plan now.

Nous voulons apprécier les contributions que les Français et les francophones ont faites et continuent à faire. Depuis le 17ieme siècle jusqu'aujourd'hui la présence française et francophone marquent l'heure et l'oeuvre à s'intégrer aux paysages d'ici: contribuer, s'intégrer et créer. En ordre chronologique, nous nous appelons Français, Métis/Michifs, Franco-Américains, Franco-Africains, Haïtiens, Franco-Asiatiques et autres. Nous partageons la langue française et l'espoir de perpétuer son usage par l'esprit critique, la réflexion juste et la reconnaissance de tous.

All planning meetings will be at DeLaSalle high school on Nicollet Island from 5-6:30 p.m. on the following dates. Enter the school through the door at the far end of the parking lot, the one closest to down town Mpls. A sign inside will tell you what room to look for.

January 19 (Franco-Americans), or separately by appointement on Jan. 20.

Feb. 2 (France), or separately by appointment on Feb. 3.

Feb.16 (Africa, Haiti), or separately by appointment on Feb. 17. March 8 (Michif and other interested cultural groups related to la Francophonie), or separately on March 9.

Additional meetings will be announced for other interest groups as interest emerges. Teachers and those interested in public programs that educate are urged to be in touch. Please send in leads of contact persons to be in touch with. Everyone is welcome at any meeting.

D'autres réunions s'organiseront autour des besoins et intérêts qui se présenteront. Téléphonez avec vos idées ou écrivez si vous préférez. Veuillez contacter Virgil.

For separate meetings requests please be in touch with Virgil Benoit, Professor of Frecnh, Director of IFMidwest at 701 777-4659. Information will soon be posted at

Everyone is welcome to come to any or all of the meetings and to be in touch and to request a meeting at another time and place.