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Hole #9 - 435 Yards - Par 4

Blue Tees 435 Yards
White Tees 426 Yards
Men's Par 4
Men's Handicap 1
Red Tees 356 Yards
Women's Par 4
Women's Handicap 3

hole 9 btee

Hole #9 . . . If you've played it you've probably called it by another name.  This is our signature hole and it has earned its number one handicap hole designation.  Very tight driving hole - reeds right and the trees can be a nuisance to the left - then there is OB further left.  Hit your tee shot too far and you could roll it into the crick or the pond.  Find the fairway and your work has only just begun.

hole 9 wtee

This is the view from the forward/red tees.  Again a very tight drive with trouble gazing you in the face.  

hole 9 app

From the fairway you will have between a 150 ~ 200 yard approach shot.  Take more club . . . the green is large and relatively flat - and hard to hold.  The pond shouldn't come into play but can be visually distracting.  Discover the bunker on your second shot and you are looking at a very long sand save should the pin be in back.  A par here is definitely well earned.

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