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Hole #7 - 308 Yards - Par 4

Blue Tees 308 Yards
White Tees 298 Yards
Men's Par 4
Men's Handicap 8
Red Tees 285 Yards
Women's Par 4
Women's Handicap 8

hole seven tee

Meet Domino - Hole #7 here at Ray Richards Golf Course.  Hole #7 got the name Domino because just as setting up domino's and not wanting them to tumble and ruin all your hard work - this hole can do that to your round.  Domino is the shortest par 4 on the course but don't let it fool you . . . it can be a tricky hole.  Stray off the fairway and end up in the wrong place and the domino's may start to fall.  Hit your tee shot left and you have trees and OB . . . go right and you still may have a shot to the green - but it will be over/under trees.  For you big-hitters - the opening to the green is narrow - so your tee shot may find a bunker.

hole seven approach

Domino has two bunkers separated by a narrow opening that guard a medium sized green.  Hit your approach shot long and left and you will likely be making bogey - or worse.  When you are finished putting out on Domino {arguably} the two toughest finishing holes in Grand Forks await your presence - welcome to Ray Richards Golf Course's 'Amen Corner'.

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