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Hole #6 - 505 Yards - Par 5

Blue Tees 505 Yards
White Tees 493 Yards
Men's Par 5
Men's Handicap 5
Red Tees 422 Yards
Women's Par 5
Women's Handicap 1

hole six mtee

Hole #6 is the shorter of the two par 5's at Ray Richards Golf Course.  A good drive and you could make it home in two - just be wary of the small crick in front of the green that is not easily seen from 220 to 230 yards out.  Miss your tee shot left or right you will have to negotiate through some tree trouble.  If you need to lay-up the fairway is nice and wide for a 100 to 120 yard approach shot to a medium sized green.

hole six wtee

This is the view from the forward/red tees of hole #6.  It plays as the number one handicap hole and the longest par 5 for women at Ray Richards Golf Course . . . bring your 'A' game ladies.

hole six app

This is the view you'll see if you have to lay-up.  The crick is still not easily seen - and the area in front of the green slopes abruptly towards it - so take enough club.  Two bunkers guard the green ... and coniferous trees lurk if you happen to go a little long.

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