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Thursday Morning Women's Golf League


The Object of this organization is the encouragement and promotion of golf.  Club Bylaws - 1977 

Playing in a league is an opportunity to meet women golfer's, learn more about golf, and enjoy time on the course.  We play "ready golf" which means you come and join a group that is ready to start play for the day.  League Tee Time is between 7:15 ~ 9:30 AM every Thursday in June, July and August.

We will have the use of the clubhouse for lunch and meeting time.  Members will still be asked to bring a dessert at a time of their choice on Sign-Up Day.  Lunch will be served at 11:30 AM rain or shine.  A brief business meeting will be held from 12:00 ~ 12:15 PM with prizes awarded immediately following.  We will adjourn no later than 12:45 PM.  Members are welcome to stay for cards or to continue a round of golf.

The Thursday Morning Women's Golf League at Ray Richards Golf Course is open to any woman who is a resident of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and surrounding areas.

Dues and Fees - 2015
Membership Dues $20.00
Green Fees $12.00 (9 Holes)
  $23.00 (18 Holes)
Electric Cart (Per Seat) $7.00 (9 Holes)
  $14.00 (18 Holes)
League Member's Annual Season Golf Pass $347.00 (Driving Range Use Included)
League Member's Annual Season Golf Pass with Electric Cart $609.00 (Driving Range Use Included)
League Member's Annual Season Golf Pass (with Electric Cart Only to be Used During Thursday League Play) $431.00 (Driving Range Use Included)
GHIN [Golf Handicap and Information Network] USGA Handicap (2015 golf season) $25.00
Lunch (Catered by Catering Creations by UND Campus Catering) $7.00
Coffee & Lemonade Club Expense
Dessert, Lunch Set-Up and Clean-Up Provided by Host Committees
Ray Richards Golf Course Rain Check policy Start of Hole 7 - No Rain Check Issued

Sign-Up Information

Official Sign-Up Day is May 14, 2015.  Sign-Up hours are 9:00 ~ 11:00 AM.  The league will begin play on Thursday, May 21, 2015.  Member information for the League Directory needs to be verified with the League Treasurer Genny Olson (701-775-6927) no later than May 28, 2015.  The Member Directory will be distributed when Sign-Up records are complete.  May 14, 2015 is also Clean-Up Day - The clubroom and kitchen will need cleaning.  Your help is appreciated!

Come Out And Play!!

There are many opportunities to "pick-up" a golf game at various times during the week.  We all love to play the game.  Call someone!!

Officers and Club Chairmen - 2015

President Becky Gellner
Vice President Nikki Seabloom
Secretary Anne Putbrese
Treasurer Genny Olson
Lunch Co-Chairman Bev Johnson - Kathleen Both - Mary Koponen
Golf Co-Chairman Darlene Schommer - Kathy Roles
Publicity Chairman Darlene Schommer
Prize Co-Chairman Patti Fonder - Denise Horpedahl
Rules Committee Becky Gellner - Mary Asleson 
Publicity Chairman Sharon Wick

If you are interested in becoming a member of the the Thursday Morning Women's League at Ray Richards Golf Course or have any questions please contact:

Name Phone Number
Becky Gellner (President) 701-305-0454
Nikki Seabloom (Vice President) 701-772-5838
Anne Putbrese (Secretary) 701-772-9352

Everyone Is Welcome! . . . Every Day! . . . Any Day!

TMWGL Group Photo