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Writers Conference 101

This spring, the UND Writers Conference celebrates its 46th anniversary. In 1970, the late John Little, a professor in UND’s English Department, was missing some of his literary friends from the South. He decided to invite them to share their words here in North Dakota, and thus a rich artistic tradition began. Since that first conference, some of the most laudable names in literature have visited the UND campus, including Allen Ginsberg, Truman Capote, Edward Albee, Louise Erdrich, Thomas McGrath, Sherman Alexie, Sir Salman Rushdie, Alice Walker, as well as a number of this year's participants. Click here for a full listing of past authors.

More than 2000 lovers of literature from all over North Dakota, as well as beyond our borders descend on the campus to listen to panel discussions, readings, and ask their questions of nationally and internationally prominent authors.

So . . . wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who attended had read the authors’ books? Go on, admit it: you went to the talks, loved the authors, bought their books – even had them signed – and then you just never got around to reading them. They sit on your bookshelf taunting you, daring you to buy one more book before you read them first.

Writers Conference 101 is designed to assuage the guilt over unread books. It’s also designed to get you acquainted with some of the authors whom you might not know. Even the most voracious reader may not be familiar with the work of some of these award winning writers. In fact, conference planners frequently receive praise for introducing readers to writing that challenges and inspires. But, again, wouldn’t it be nice to be acquainted with the work before the author arrives?

Each session will begin with a brief overview of the author, followed by questions and discussion of the book title. Even if you haven’t had a chance to read the book selection yet, organizers encourage everyone to stop by for the discussion.

Come discuss the writers who will be attending the 46th Annual UND Writers Conference, March 25,-27, 2015. All discussions are on Sundays, 2-3:30 pm. There’s no cost and no need to do homework. In fact, everyone who attends gets an “A+” whether they’re familiar with the author’s work or not.



Books for the 2015 Writers Conference will soon be on sale at the UND Bookstore and Ferguson Books and Media.


Crystal Alberts
Director, UND Writers Conference