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Guide to This Document
Although this plan is largely self-explanatory, it should be helpful to the reader to note certain features in advance.

A summary description of the areas addressed by the plan is located in Section One under Item V, “Priority/Action Areas for the Present and Future”. In Section Two, a set of goals is given for each of the areas. Actions or strategic objectives designed to achieve the goals are described along with certain indicators of success or progress toward success. The action objectives specify the administrative officer(s) or groups responsible; a timeline or time frame is also indicated.

Key to Abbreviations and Other Formatting

Parenthetical notations in University-wide action strategies/objectives specify officers and groups responsible for oversight and deadlines. Action items in sans-serif boldface type have been designated by the University Planning and Budget Committee as having higher priority; those in larger type have the highest priority.
  • AD Athletic Director
  • AIPC American Indian Programs Council
  • BD Budget Director
  • Ca Cabinet
  • Ch Chairss
  • D Deans
  • DCE Dean of Continuing EducationDCI Director of Center for Innovation
  • DL Director of Libraries
  • DWP Director of Wellness Program
  • EERC Energy and Environmental Research Center Director
  • F Faculty
  • FND UND Foundation/Executive Vice President
  • GSD Graduate School Dean
  • HR Human Resources Director
  • IR Institutional Research Director
  • MD Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences/Vice President for Health Affairs
  • P President
  • PS Professional Staff
  • R Registrar
  • RC Research Council
  • SG Student Government
  • SPC Summer Programs Council
  • U2 University Within the University
  • UITC University Information Technology Committee
  • UPBC University Planning and Budget Committee
  • UR University Relations/Executive Associate Vice President
  • US University Senate
  • VPAA Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost
  • VPFO Vice President for Finance and Operations
  • VPR Vice President for Research
  • VPSOS Vice President for Student and Outreach Services
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Guide to this Document
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