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Main decorative image
Text Right Align .txt-right
Text Left Align .txt-left
Text Center .txt-center
Text Justify .txt-justify
Small Text .txt-small
Large Text .txt-large
Uppercase Text .uppercase
Capitalize Text .capitalize
Small Caps .small-caps
Highlight .highlight
Note .note
Remove Bullets .no-bullets
Image with Caption .img-caption
Image caption left .left
Image caption right .right
Image on Left .img-left
Image on Right .img-right
Full-Name .fn
Telephone Number .tel
Border - Left .brdr-left
Border - Right .brdr-right
Border - Top .brdr-top
Border - bottom .brdr-bottom
Border - Box .brdr
Gray Background .bg-gray
Light Green Background .bg-green
Dark Green Background .bg-green-dark
Orange Background .bg-orange
Cream Background .bg-cream
Black Background .bg-black
Button - Standard .button
Button - Live Chat .live-chat
Position Left .flt-left
Position Right .flt-right
Position Center .center
Success .msg-success
Error .msg-error
Notice .msg-notice
Warning .msg-warning
Success .success
Error .error
More-Info .info
Warning .warning
Alert .alert
Jump Menu .jump-menu
Last Modified 10/27/12