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ELS Language Centers is currently the provider for the intensive English language instruction at the University of North Dakota.

The ELS Intensive English Programs are structured to accelerate your learning with maximum time in the classroom. Its design enables students to reach their academic and career goals in the shortest possible time period.

Their most popular program is the Intensive English Program, chosen by the majority of students for its academic rigor and efficiency. The Intensive Program helps students to significantly improve their English skills in the shortest time possible and to fully prepare themselves for university study in the United States.

The Semi-Intensive English Program provides students with the opportunity to improve their English skills while exploring their new surroundings. If you would like more time for exploring and sightseeing, this course is right for you.


Contact Information

Bella Hettich, Center Director
ELS Language Centers
c/o University of North Dakota
O'Kelly Hall 2
221 Centennial Dr Stop 8390
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8390

Tel: 701.777.6785
Fax: 701.777.6786