Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity.

You have the chance to learn in a foreign country and meet people from around the world. Here are 10 reasons why studying abroad at UND would be beneficial for you.

10. Take the chance to do something different

You will have the opportunity to take different classes, learn in an unfamiliar environment, or intern someplace new.

skiing on sand dune

9. Learn to open up your mind

Studying abroad allows you to experience life with a new perspective. This can help you break stereotypes (your own as well as others' about you).

relaxing in the mountains

8. Enhance your career opportunities

Your experiences abroad can help shape your future career goals. Or change them altogether!

group in front of airplane
making faces amid buildings

7. Gain a new perspective on your own country and university

Your university may not be structured the same way as UND. Your classes might show you a new style of learning.

6. See a new part of the world you have never experienced before

Living abroad can give you the opportunity to travel within your host country and beyond.

admiring intricate tile work

5. Earn credit towards your degree

You can earn credit towards your major, minor, essential studies, and general electives. Planning ahead is key!

outdoor class in Norway

4. Improve your cross-cultural communication skills

Improving your skills can come through in language acquisition, cultural understanding and through sharing these experiences with locals and fellow classmates.

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3. Gain transferrable skills

Opportunities to work independently, adapt to situations and undertake unfamiliar tasks will arise. You can take advantage of these situations while also gaining independence and self-confidence.

standing next to gold temple

2. Learn a new culture

As well as meeting new people, you will be able to experience the food, music and traditions of those around you.


1. Meet new people

You will have the opportunity to meet people from your host country and all over the world. Your time abroad can create life-long friendships!

group of students in china