Applied Calculus


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Math 146: Applied Calculus
MATH 103 or Math Placement Exam score  
EST. time to complete:
3 to 9 Months
$301.00/Credit (No Fees)


This course is a non-rigorous introduction to differential and integral calculus. Topics include:

  • limits
  • continuity
  • differentiation and integration techniques
  • applications


Applied Calculus I is an elementary introduction to the basic theory and applications of differential and integral calculus. What does this mean?

“Elementary” means that you will focus on the ideas and applications of calculus. You will accept without proof some statements that would, in more advanced math classes, require a great deal of effort to prove rigorously. Happily this does not limit the effectiveness of what you will learn.

Differential calculus studies rates of change. This might not seem like much at first, but, among many other things, these ideas will allow you to graph functions quickly and accurately. This, in turn, enables you to maximize or minimize functions, which suddenly seems like quite a good thing when the function is measuring, say, profit or cost.

Integral calculus begins in measuring area and in trying to “undo” some of the methods you learn in differential calculus. Apart from some nice applications, integral calculus deepens your understanding of differential calculus.

You will begin with a review of some essential material on real numbers, functions, exponentials and logarithms before beginning your study of limits and continuity in preparation for the calculus.

Alex Himonas and Alan Howard (2003). Calculus: Ideas and Applications, Brief Version. Wiley. 

There is also a student solution manual available for this book. It is entirely optional. ISBN:978-0-4-7126639-6.

A calculator is not required for this course, but you are welcome to use one. However, on exams and in assignments, you must show your work and justify your answers without reference to the calculator.

You have 3 to 9 months from your enrollment date to complete:


For students living outside of the United States, exams conducted in other countries must be administered ONLY at an English-speaking testing center or learning center.

You may enroll at any time and have up to 9 months to complete your course, or you may be able to complete in as little as 3 months. The credits you earn will be recorded on your transcript in the semester you register. Keep in mind, UND can only verify your enrollment for the semester in which the course is registered and recorded on your transcript.