Do I Need a Planner

The Simple Answer

Event planners save you time and headaches.

The Long Answer

You can either spend your time doing what you do every day (e.g., your regular job) plus plan a conference or event from start to finish. Or, you can hire an event and conference planner to take some of the load off your plate.

Event and conference planners already know the range of options that exist. They are getting things done, when you're still researching the "how to" part. They have already, experienced the "lessons learned," worked with nearly every facility and service provider in the region, and know the steps of "how to plan a conference or event" by heart.

In other words, event planners start out with a base level of knowledge that saves you time and headaches. An experienced conference or event planner knows the details involved and can often predict problems before they occur. They know the planning timelines and every item on the "to do" list that needs to be checked off.

Why not plan your next event or conference with the advantage of having experts by your side?

Let UND Conference Services be your conference or event planner or manager so you can focus on the event experience.