Portrait of Joshua Mason

Joshua Mason

  • Director of Information Technology and Principal IT Systems Engineer, EERC

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15 North 23rd Street Stop 9018
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9018


Joshua C. Mason is Director of Information Technology (IT) and Principal IT Systems Engineer at the EERC, where he oversees the daily operations of IT systems, leads the IT group, and plans and manages the budget for IT systems, defining and implementing IT solutions to support the strategic mission of the EERC. In this capacity, Mr. Mason ensures overall system effectiveness, consistent and reliable up-time, and a customer service approach to support of individual, group, and overall EERC IT needs. He maintains quality service by developing, implementing, and enforcing organizational standards and best practice guidelines for IT usage and network security, recommending IT strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organizational outcomes, identifying problems, evaluating trends, and anticipating requirements; preserving assets by implementing regular backup procedures and disaster recovery, information security, and control structures; and overseeing and determining time frames for system updates, upgrades, migrations, and outages. Mr. Mason develops and delivers training programs and workshops for EERC personnel; works with the EERC Software Solutions group to identify security and infrastructure needs and coordinate with developers on system updates, downtime, and upgrades; and coordinates and works in collaboration with the UND CIO, representing the EERC on the UND Information Technology Directors Committee.

Mr. Mason’s principal areas of interest and expertise include design, technical development, and management of computer network systems; efficient deployment of IT resources, including hardware, software, and procedures; cyber security; and data management. He holds a B.B.A. degree in Information Systems from the University of North Dakota.