Shayne Daku

  • Assistant Professor, Aviation

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Ryan Hall Room 212
4251 University Ave Stop 9036
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9036

Aviation 100 - Aviation Orientation

University Life 101 - Introduction to University Life

Aviation 102 - Introduction to Aviation (Private Pilot Certification)

Aviation 221 - Basic Attitude Instrument Flying

Aviation 222 - IFR Regulations and Procedures

Aviation 250 - Human Factors

Aviation 323 - Aerodynamics for Airplanes

Aviation 324 - Aircraft Systems

Aviation 325 - Multi-Engine Systems and Procedures

Aviation 415 - Instrument Instructor Certification

Aviation 480 - Advanced Aircraft Operations


Dusenbury, M., Daku, S., Laux, R.  (2015) The Pilot’s Manual: Multi-Engine Flying.  ASA Publications Newcastle, Washington

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Daku, S. A., & Stupnisky, R. (2017). The Relationship Between Motivation and Job Preferences in Commercial Aviation Graduates. International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace

Wilson, N.D., Daku, S. A. (2016). Industry in Motion: Pilot Study on Instructor and Management Perceptions of New Hire Pilot Technical and Professional Preparation. International Journal of Aviation, aeronautics, and Aerospace

Other UND Aerospace Published and Copyrighted Documents

Daku, S., Dusenbury, M., Laux, R.  (2011) King Air Systems Study Guide: Edition 1. Grand Forks: UND Aerospace Foundation.

Daku, S. (2009) King Air Checklist & Standardization Manual. Grand Forks: UND Aerospace Foundation


Daku, S. (April 2016) Twin & Turbine: Making Sense of “Climb Via” and “Descend Via”


Daku, S. (May 31, 2018) Automation Expectations: The New Unusual Attitude at the ALPA Trained for Life: Human-Centered Approach to Safety Conference in Orlando, FL

Daku, S. & Lovelace, K. (May 2018) Digital Natives Go to Flight School: Teaching Strategies form Collegiate Aviation in Orlando, FL

Daku, S. & Lovelace, K. (May 2017) Teaching Strategies for the Present Generation in Orlando, FL

Daku, S. (September 2014). USTDA/SAA Aviation Awareness and Skills Development Study Tour.  Presented to educators from South Africa as well as training managers from South African Airways on Math, Science and Technology teaching for future aviators in Cincinnati, OH

Daku, S. (February 2014). Crew Resource Management. Presented at the North Dakota EMS Association Regional Conference

Daku, S. (December 2013). Crew Resource Management. Presented at the Grand Forks EMS Association Conference

Daku, S. (April 2013). Loss of Directional Control. FAAST Safety Stand down 2013 at the Fargo Air Museum

Airline Transport Pilot-Airplane Single-Engine Land and Sea and Multi-Engine Land Instrument Airplane; Type Rated – CL65, RA390

Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Instrument Airplane

Ph. D. - Educational Foundations and Research, University of North Dakota (2020)

M. S. – Instructional Design and Technology, University of North Dakota (2014)

B. S. – Aeronautical Sciences, University of North Dakota (2001)

2014-present:              Assistant Professor, Aviation Department, UND

2011-2014:                  Lecturer, Aviation Department, UND

2009-2011:                  Turbine Instructor, UND

2004-2009:                  Captain, Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation

John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, Department of Aviation

                Assessment Committee

                Course Primary Instructor – Aviation 480

                Restricted ATP Certificate Coordinator

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

                Certified Aviation Manager Governing Board – Testing Committee Chair