Versatile PhD

Dear Graduate Students.

PhDs go many places – and you have more good options than you might think. Are you concerned about the academic job market? Thinking about non-academic careers? PhDs today are in academia, government, non-profits, and industry. They are on the faculty track and off it. They use their skills, their knowledge, their agile minds, and their expertise. They are happy. They are successful. They feel rewarded by what they are doing.

The School of Graduate Studies at UND now subscribe to the Versatile PhD to help you diversify your doctorate and prepare for more than one possible future.

VPhD gives you:

  • Supportive discussion forums: A helpful, generous online community where you can participate in discussions, get questions answered, or just read and learn.
  • Access to good contacts: Power Search feature locates PhDs in many fields and industries: fellow VPhD members who are likely to help you out and may even become mentors.
  • Job listings: appropriate for people with graduate degrees * Local meetups for in-person support in many cities.
  • Winning resumes and cover letters: Actual application documents that got real PhDs their first jobs off the faculty track, with step by step descriptions of how each hire took place.
  • Q&A archives: Content from previous AMA-style discussions featuring PhDs working in a wide range of non-faculty and non-academic settings - an in-depth look at each career, from the PhD perspective.
  • Long-term narratives: Inspiring stories of post-academic success, including promotions, advancement, and signature accomplishments that PhDs have achieved outside the academy.

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