Federal Tuition Assistance Program

Federal Tuition Assistance is a program that pays up to a certain amount per credit for tuition and authorized fees. This amount is determined by the service branches. Please contact your Education Officer to find out about tuition assistance programs through your unit.

Tuition Assistance is not a loan; it should be viewed as money you have earned just like your base pay. If you're participating in the Federal Tuition Assistance Program and plan to use (or are currently using) other VA education benefits, please contact Veteran & Nontraditional Student Services to ensure you're maximizing your benefits.

Military Tuition Assistance at UND (TA)

  • Tuition Assistance is a Department of Defense program.
  • The program is not administered or monitored by the VA.
  • Tuition Assistance rules vary by branch of service and even vary between different units within the same branch depending on whether the unit is active, reserve or National Guard.


A Military Education Officer works with the student to provide information about the degree program, admission requirements, application process and any military questions as they pertain to the University of North Dakota.

Apply for admission to UND


Once enrolled in classes, the student completes the paperwork required by their branch of service in order to secure their tuition assistance.

Please follow the tuition assistance link for your particular service:


Receipt of Tuition Assistance approval is submitted to Heidi Smart in Student Account Services. Please submit approval by email to heidi.smart@UND.edu or by fax to 701.777.6300.

For individuals looking to learn more about the military benefits and degree programs offered by UND, please contact UND Veteran & Nontraditional Student Services at 701.777.3363 or UND.veteranservices@UND.edu.

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