Working a part-time job while attending classes is a great way to earn money for your education while developing valuable skills and work experience. The two primary work programs are Federal Work-Study and Institutional Employment.

Approximately 800 UND students participate in the FWS program, earning an average of $2,800 per academic year. Jobs include both on-campus and certain off-campus work and range from clerical work to research to security.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

This federally subsidized program provides jobs to help eligible students meet educational expenses. You may be eligible for the program as an undergraduate if you demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA.

The amount shown on your award notification is the maximum you can earn over the academic year. Your actual earnings will depend on your work schedule and hourly rate. You cannot use your Federal Work-Study award as a credit toward your bill because funds are paid directly to you as wages every two weeks.

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Institutional Employment (INST)

You may be eligible for Institutional Employment as an undergraduate, graduate or law student if you're enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours as an undergraduate or 5 credit hours as a graduate or law student). Unlike Federal Work-Study, Institutional Employment is not based on financial need. Positions are available on campus and wages vary depending on the job.

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