Computer Science

Learn the valuable skills and knowledge you need to design and develop tomorrow’s technology solutions.

Technology is the bedrock of today’s global economic and social foundation. Those that have fundamental system and software skills will continue to be in high demand. With a focus on problem solving, you’ll learn how to model and analyze problems, design solutions, and verify results with today’s most exciting technology innovations and technologies.

Program Snapshot
Program type:
On-campus or online
Est. time to complete:
4-5 years
Credit hours:
125 for B.S. from College of Engineering and Mines; 125 for B.A. with Major in Computer Science

Why Study Computer Science at UND?

UND offers undergraduate programs that are truly unique with opportunities to:

  • Create web and mobile apps.
  • Develop computer animations and virtual reality systems.
  • Analyze imagery and data from unmanned and manned aircraft systems.
  • Influence the design of systems for aerospace.
  • Develop expertise in cybersecurity, big data, software engineering, information technology, computer animation, and game design.

B.S. or B.A.?

The B.S. in Computer Science provides the strongest mathematical and scientific background. It is recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate studies or to seek employment involving technical or scientific applications of computing.

The B.A. in Computer Science has more flexibility with fewer requirements relating to science and mathematics, but with additional requirements for courses in the humanities. This degree program is recommended for students seeking a broader-based liberal arts education.